South Korea, 1987


Room 126, Rietveld Building

For "THE SKIN OF BREATH" project, I have looked into breathing as it is such a meaningful activity which is intimately connected with our body's reactions as one of the vital signs, and it is always here with us during our lifetime.

In the written research, I have studied about unawareness coming from invisible, hidden, limited sense, and uncared for things. The reason I do not recognise unawareness is that I cannot capture it or make it tangible. This inability hinders my sights and limits the range of my perception.

How can we do capture our breathing?
What if we can see our breathing?
And how does breathing affect our surroundings?

Based on these questions, I attempt to reveal  breathing visually. In the uncertain period, the matter of breathing is considered to be significant in our lives. I proposed a new way of observation it.