Benthem - Crouwel Building, 7th floor, DOGtime

I paint. My paintings are primarily about the (restless) search for possibilities that painting has to offer. The work is often grounded in reality, you first see recognizable elements, like from for example: a boat or a house, trees, lakes, legs, or everyday objects such as a cup, a bottle or a magazine. But ultimately the information is secondary to the painting itself. This enables me to tap from a wide range of external sources, own databases, collections of images and ideas, the work of others, artists and thinkers and various (social) media.

The methods I apply while painting contain different tactics to free the image from information, to circumvent my own conditioning, open up to chance and coincidence and dissect painting in order to provide building blocks for new work. In the cycle that I apply my work becomes a new entity of unfolding, taking up space, making it permanent, merging, breaking with information, breaking down things that are too good to be true, so that the work is ready for a new cycle. To transform information to color, layers of paint on top of each other, intensities, borders, transitions. Searching for the possibilities that painting has to offer.