Laura Bouman

Netherlands, 1997


Thesis: Fuel




Rust Roest (If you rest you rust)

All my life I have been surrounded by friends and family with an interest in the vehicle. The vehicle is intertwined into our lives. Something normal that also gradually transforms things. It makes me curious about the extent of the possible impact of something that we see as normal. Through observations, conversations and memories I explore the impact of the vehicle in my own surroundings. How does the vehicle influence me and my surroundings? What kind of effect does the vehicle have on our physical environment? Does the helmet isolate my emotions? Do my body and brain evolve as a result of operating a vehicle? What influence does motorcycling have on my gender expression? Can a human being identify themselves with a vehicle? Does the vehicle have a soul?


Rust Roest is a project with photo’s, sculptures, video’s and a thesis. With this project Laura won the price of Steenbergen Stipendium 2021 in the Dutch photography museum Rotterdam and was selected to be the photographer in residence 2021 at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.