Mmmh Group


Mmmh corporation

“Mmmh corporation” is a guided adventure through another reality. Immersed in a different state of mind, a group of participants crosses “The Mmmh corporation”, enterprise with a unusual motto, “Make fictional spaces appear as real”. Maureen and Morgan as game masters, triggers the imagination of the participants through storytelling. They set the skeleton of their fiction: the participants experience their first day as a group of Emmmhployees. The audience becomes a material and “mmmhake” the space with its movements, made in reaction to the given context and each other’s reactions. As in a rite of passage, we erase our identities. As in theater exercises, we warm up all together. As in role playing, we react to storytelling and we get our imagination triggered. As in a company, we conform to a working position. As in a society, we stick to our social character.  Through the session, the Emmmhployees are emancipating, defining their own roles in their own vision of the space. They feed the economy of the corporation in sharing stories together: a collective imaginary appear as a cloud of fictional data. The Mmmh corporation is alive, made of fluids. As researchers we observe the streams and flux, chemical reaction of the group. 

To experience the performance as "Emmmhployees": It starts at 5 pm and last for 1:30 for ten participants: subscribe by sending "I'm In" to

To see the performance as visitors, it starts at 6:15 pm, at the door of the room 318. You will be welcomed by our receptionist.