If the base, universality, and copies are the main characteristics of our technology time, then I think that the most successful antithesis(manifesto) of the artist to a technology will be intuition and a complete refusal of information.

I create the intuitive clothing, that's why collection has the name “INTUISME” made by Haute-couture technic.

Being in the state of a blind person(I covered my eyes by blindfold), through the blind moulage technique, I create each garment that is based on my subconscious and intuition.

In such way of the creation process, I try to hold myself in a state of the dream which you can not remember, i.e. dimension between reality and virtual. K.Malevich call this dimension zero-point, the point without information. When artist exists in such state, he is able to use his clean intuition, and in turn, through this intuition artist able to trace the constant connection with a dimension of eventual possibilities, i.e virtuality. Therefore, when I start to create a clothing through the system of blind intuitive movements, I create the hack, i.e. I create a constant flow of eventual possibilities from a virtuality to our reality. And when the eventual possibilities extracted to a present reality, they freeze in random forms and structures of garments as result of this hack. That means, that this clothing form appears independently of forms of the human body as if the grass grew on a hill regardless of a form of it.

But the hack consisted not only in the technique of intuitive clothing creation. This approach is hacking the system of five years of my design education. Because the all searching process for right art solutions is accelerated to the random moment! We throw in a trash mood board, sketching, toiles, searching the right forms and etc.

Only intuition and refusal of information generates “a moment of pure beauty.” 

My theory about intuition I described in my diploma thesis - "Archaeans! Don't wait for Orpheus, he hasn't walked away", which nominated for a thesis awards. In a practice, this theory gave me a great result. For 4 days was made capsule collection by the 6 outfits. 2-3 outfits by one session. It is incredible results. In the same time, nobody can make a copy of your work( what is a huge problem in the fashion industry today) even if the person is a master of moulage, I think the human can't copy the nature. Yes, we talked about nature because by the system of intuitive movements you just follow the flow of constant randomness, and when you open your eyes the results look very archaic, very brave and free, we jump over all technic frames. 

In the same time, this way of clothing creation gives us a chance to think, that Haute-Couture clothing is not only a brilliant handmade product, it is still a piece of art. I used only tailor hand stitching technics because the natural forms can be lost, so each outfit was made on the mannequin.

I don't think that is just graduation collection, I think it was found a really important art step for our time.