Annabel van Royen
The Netherlands, 1993

Another Glass of Water, 2019 Installation, various dimensions

The installation Another Glass of Water connects personal exploration on the topic of time and transformation.

Adopting the Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ statement “Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers”, a world is shown in which changeability, within the natural world and within humans, is inevitable. The works capture this flowing stream and elements of personal history are unfolded, whilst being opposed to the notion of time on a larger scale. One gets a glimpse of the thought that everything, including oneself, will always be evolving even when life feels stagnant.




Roche Branlante/Rickety Rock, 2019 

Photograph of ‘La Roche Branlante d’Orcival’, a big rock - 7m(W)x2,4m(D) x5,4m(H) - taken close to Orcival, France. One could make the 250 ton volcanic rock wobble by using just one hand. 


(Self)Portrait of a young girl, 2019 

Photographs of girls between the age of 12- 15 (wearing the clothes the artist kept from that period in her childhood). 


(To Build) A Home, 2018-19 

Two sculptures made out of weathered marl stone building blocks from the south of Limburg, The Netherlands, where the artist grew up. One has the words ‘Tease, Tears’ engraved, the other the key-terms of ‘The Secure Base Model’ (a framework for therapeutic caregiving) ‘Availability, Sensitivity, Acceptance, Co-operation and Membership’.