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The Netherlands, 1994
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The Encoiled Ones

The Encoiled Ones

[ceramic, linnen, various electronic components, attention, fantasy, LAG, Sadie Plant, python scripts, arduino UNO-motor-board, …etc]

A pattern play, staring with; a captured ceramic pod; she reaches out to the weave that has an uncanny wiring of its own and a small clock that doesn't know any time but the present.  

Celeste’s work orbits around the desire to evoke irregularities. With means for the unconventionality  she ables situations, builts circuits, coils clay, weaves fabrics,  writes code, all in order to redirect the convenient perception in the erected systems she is situated in. This desire cultivates a circumstance for interruptions which might bring something novel.

The Encoiled Ones is an intermezzo of the online essay; When The Bug Starts Breeding that elaborates on; "…patterns that are erected by systems in the realm of making".[1]

From the text; When a bug starts breeding