France, 1993

What happened to the Venus de Milo's arms ?

What happen to the venus de Milo’s arms ?

« the venus de Milo is an accidental surrealist masterpiece. Her lack of arms makes her strange and dreamlike. She is perfect but imperfect, beautiful but broken-the body as a ruin. That sense of enigmatic

incompletness has transformed an ancient work of art into a modern one.»

Jonhathan Jones

What intriguate me is this fascination we have for classics.

Venus de Milo is a good exemple of romantism,a classic figure we admire for her imperfection. I realized that I have a lot of classical references, inspirations.

Writting my thesis about our relation to ancient grecques statues I discover how Grecque sculptor were searching for perfection. 

The representation of the ideal was in fact an assemblage, combination of many different part of human bodies, male and female.

Every details of ancient statues fascinates me, from their perfectly curled hair to their nochalant posture.

I want to communicate my feeling about them throught my collection.