Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1997
Instagram: @eerstewolligebaardharen

Misschien is het de dag noch de nacht, maar een simpel wezen

Julius Stahlie tells stories of the pursuit of desire and the impossibility of truly gaining this.
Through writing and photography he translates this search into intimate narratives. 
Stahlie takes inspiration from his experiences in the nightlife of Amsterdam.
In his work cruising culture takes an important role.
It functions as both the subject and as a tool to cross pass the research to desire.
He alters the sexual, the soft and the rough, the eccentric, and the ‘off guard’ moments of these nights, to tell stories in a fictive way.
For Stahlie the act / art of cruising is both the closest and the furthest we can get to the obtaining of desire.
And it is this dual friction that lends itself for his narration.