The Netherlands, 1994
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'Let me embroider you a story and the threads will speak for themselves'

My work produces a visual field.

A field that always seems to circle around a desire to search for the limit. Or rather, to go beyond and cross these boundaries.

I use color, line and form as my expressive tools.

My recent work is defined by a fascination for a specific kind of line: the thread. For me the attraction lies in the way that it sometimes contradicts itself. One single thread can be very fragile. This delicate fragment that doesn’t seem like much. The floor is full with them at times. But when put together, they ask for attention. They transform into this presence that is very strong and resilient.

Some of the pieces look disarmingly simple, composed only of several squares, while all of them are intricate surfaces, with an abundance in textures. They have the potential to exist in a 2D and 3D world and still be interesting to look at. Both line and surface still have the ability to move around separately, even though they are connected. A few loops is all it takes to connect but at the same time, they are only connected by a few loops. The surface is the facilitator to make the lines rise or fall. While at the same time, it’s the chemistry of both which makes the work ‘work’.