As I have difficulties to hold on to memories, I am interested in the way objects carry souvenirs through their life. For example, I can remember when and where my favorite sweater came from. I also remember when I made this stain of ink on the sleeve.  Like this sweater which makes me remember precise events, I would like an object to make me remember my flow of thinking through time.

I decide to start weaving a piece of textile during several months.  I want to connect my souvenirs to it while making it.

Several patches of weaves were made with the same material and dimension. These are different time lapses attached as one to create a unique timeline.

During these months of making, several layers of information got trapped in between the threads. The weave, as I made them, evolved with the pattern, my thoughts, the people I met, events, etc.

The repetitive movement helped me generate thoughts. To fabulate: Threads, humans, beasts are crossing each others in a known rhythm of habits.   I tried to filter information through my imagination. Stories and patterns evolved in parallel. The threads are not representing threads anymore for me. They are the model of many situations and structures like a millefeuille, lovers, layers of the earth, lines on the palm of my hands…

I mapped these informations with notes and drawings: codes to help me remember my thoughts as much as I could. Still now, I can go back to every patch of weaves to recall my states of mind and thoughts.