Veronika Vidø
Denmark, 1994



The world of “SHE’S YOURS NOW” is inhabited by words of protest, a wooden construction which is partly falling a part, dripping milk onto transparent plastic, gooey red floors, and masses of pictures of girls. The multimedia installation consists of three rooms: 1. Waiting Room 2. The Womb 3. Delivery. You enter through a narrow opening to the Waiting Room. Embraced by images of She. She who is gazing at you as if to tell you that she needs you to fill her up. She’s nobody when you aren’t looking. Did she victimise herself? Or did you put her there? In a position without power. You walk further in… “The Womb” swallows you up with its vibrant red colours and its loud soundscape, to then spit you out through Delivery; a room with floors covered in pictures of girls. Do you want to bring her home with you?