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Lost and found: Treasures you give me Echoes of Coexistence

I find it important to work relational with my surroundings and others but also looking inwards to my own personal experiences. Motherhood is more fluid than we think at first and it is also a social construction. I get inspiration in my relation with my five years old daughter, I share her fascination with the shapes, colors, objects, and materials she gathers. I find it important to give visibility to profound or very banal situations you find yourself in while being a mother, always surprising…vulnerability, sleeplessness, excitement are as important as mending, garden-clot clearing, or house tiding.

The series of prints "lost and found", starts from a collection, an inventory of totally random objects my daughter brings me and I find behind her on daily basis. I collect them and keep them as traces of mothering and her existence in my life, almost as forensic proof. A piece of play dough, a smashed shell, a broken toy…a plastic trophy….I experimented with their uniqueness, softness, fragility, fragmented or torn qualities in different mediums.

At night when everything finally is quiet, I empty her pockets and there they are, the treasures of every day…