Switzerland, 1993

Invisible float

The surgical excision of organs, caused by disease or cell mutations, can cause different emotions for the affected person, which can range from feelings of relief over indifference to impressions of emptiness and sensations of an inner void. No matter how this surgery might be perceived it will always create a physical change. The removal of what has been there before creates a new empty space inside the body. In instances of female surgery, there is no prosthesis, no physical object that is provided after surgery. You get nothing back in the transaction.  ‘XXX’’ examines the idea of this recently vacated space inside your body and views it as something that offers opportunities for new questions to arise; completeness, identity, ownership of your body and societal views on femininity. A collection of objects, that relate to the inner female genital organs, freed from its initial form and function can help to raise visibility and an investigation of a personal perception of the changed body. Formal transformation accentuates the detachment of function of the organs and paves the way for an imaginative yet physical space created in the body . Invisibility allows this space to be unbound to a certain appearance and image - which makes it ever changeable and evolving.