Not There Yet

What’s the afterlife of the design graduate in an art world where high performance is expected at all times and time is so valuable but the pay so low? And if the pressure is so high, is it even worth it to show up every morning? Installation of prints dealing with the pressure of time. 

The Ghostwriting Files

What is authentic and how important is it for an artwork to be? A whole book of texts, music and designs along with interviews, investigations, research and tryouts all created, written and designed by Stefán Stefánsson. The Ghostwriting Files is an ongoing project with combination of files collected through a digital service for freelancers. Using the already existent climate of freelancing through the web where technical labourers can be found for cheap.

Rietveld FC (With Eliott Déchamboux Florey and Orin Bristow)

Graduation Show location: Rietveld Building, 1st floor

Identity for the in-house football club of The Gerrit Rietveld Academie. (With Eliott Déchamboux Florey and Orin Bristow)