You are what you do

Patchwork is difficult.  It encompasses mixed feelings.  It yearns to some extent for being a seamless stretch of fabric.  It yearns for the situational circumstances that would allow for a smooth, crack free surface.  The context of a better life. Yet the entire technique and aesthetic would not exist [or at least how it has taken form today] if it were not for poverty.  Lack of income and a necessity for warmth meant that the maker had to be resourceful.  A survival instinct kicked in.  Unknowingly this has loaded the simple action of attaching two scraps of fabric together with something special.  Something I cannot fully grasp.   A quality that would be absent if there was enough money to buy a single length of cloth.  Yet the people who patch for this reason; out of necessity, strive for being in a situation where financial means would allow for the purchase of this single stretch of material.