1. Containing space

2. Sub/liminal soundscapes

Groundfloor, Benthem Crouwel Building

Just as architectural space needs physical contours to be defined, it needs concepts originating from our own needs and motivations. Or, in other words, the two do not exist without one another: we project our own ideas onto our surroundings just as our perceived environment effects the way we feel and think. My graduation works study the dynamic notions of ‘container’ and (its) ‘content’ alongside the bounding surfaces in between. By questioning the origins of the division of space, I address one of the main struggles of human society. One of the two works consists of a series of constructions that invite the viewers to experience how their bodies relate to common objects throughout space, nonetheless, they are based on concepts created by language. The other work is a sound/space installation that aims to cause a spatial and mental disorientation due to the shifting exchange of the sound samples generated by the playing of the ceramic pieces. As a thought experiment it ideally raises the awareness of an ambivalent state of in-between-ness.