Belgium, 1995
Instagram: sienvanlook

Trashures of Amsterdam

In the last four years, Sien van Look has collected all the mice that she caught in her appartement. Rather than simply throwing them away, which evoked an uncanny feeling of disrespect, the mice slowly turned into a collection. It’s a love-hate relationship. Mice are part of life in the centre of Amsterdam. On the one hand they evoke nightmares, at night and in daytime, while on the other hand they became a fascination for Sien. We often try to take as much distance as possible from these animals. Touching them is out of the question and when they run through our dwellings, we instinctively lift our feet. But from a closer perspective, their soft and beautiful furs become visible. Why throw away this collateral death, when we could use these skins as fabrics? This collection of accessories existing out of gloves, boots and a bodysuit emphasise the beauty and value of this material which otherwise disappears.