With my work I wish to open a possibility to bridge the material, ultra tactile world with the sleek surfaces of cyberspace. The installation takes place in-between the smooth and labourless act of browsing through webshops, lookbooks and curated digital displays and analog treatment of materials like latex, clay and slime.The process of going back and forth from one realm to another aims to create an unsettling effect and and evoke feeling of ambiguity. Starting from the idea that my most approximate surrounding reflects aesthetics that are dictated by all those surfaces (of smooth viewports of web shops and its immersive digital experiences), where texture and touch belong to the realm of screen hapticness rather than factuality, I aim to unsettle the functional instincts and knowledge of the material world by enabling both sides to influence each other. The material becomes weird, inaccessible, just like one that is simulated via software. Touch from the screen, screen from the touch. Juxtaposition of the tactile, weighty surfaces of latex with lightweight, empty, translucent plastic molds of my browsing experience introduces the ambiguity, yet the encounter prolongs within the screen, where both worlds are extended. Display merges with the work, and the work is about display. This never-resolving reciprocal ambiguity aims to create a limbo-like experience. Can both worlds ever meet? Can they merge and translate onto each other?