Front page, week 25 2017

Lonely Rietveld

Uninhibited stories, majestic viewpoints and mind-blowing insights. Encounter your surroundings as you never have. Let yourself be swept away by the extra-ordinary, the unprecedented usual or the flamboyant familiar. 

Unique experiences are the designer drugs of our era. A communal longing for hidden getaways, limited editions and VIP treatments embezzle the opportunities that surround us. The beauty of everyday seems to vaporize within the continuous abundance of information. 

Lonely Rietveld offers a space of otherness within the recognized. A curation of location and individuals in time. Chronicles, patiently waiting beneath the daily grind. Exuberant tales of what was, what is and what could be. Look around you. The theatre of experience is designed through our own receptivity.

Projecten van: Sophie Wartenbergh