The Netherlands, 1991

Frameworks for Dwelling

Dat de tijd niet op je wacht

Book  - For time never waits The moment I received quite grievous news, it felt estranging to habitually continue cutting my onion. It suddenly became a slow, conscious act, something rhythmic and systematic, as if the record kept on playing while the music had stopped. Especially the simple routines of everyday life, seemed to point out how everything just continues to go on, that time never waits. This opened up a new perspective on the daily, as if everything that had became dull though repetition, was polished up by this event and therefore cached a different light. By framing excerpts of the daily in my drawings, I aim to capture this perspective, that puts everything under an alienating veil, in the book that I make. Installation - Frameworks for Dwelling My drawings are excerpts of the daily, all situated within the home. Drawing gives me the opportunity to pay close attention to fleeting daily moments and movements that mostly won’t get a lot of regard. I would like to see it as an ode to closeness, to the anti-bombastic. To show the way our hands move while performing habitual acts, like a choreography that has been practiced for years, the way a shirt breaks into pleats or a houseplant casting whimsical shadows in a corner of the house.  In order to keep concentration in my drawings, I weave, I will use the woven fabric that I made next to the drawings as a framework that filters light and creates intimacy in the space.