The Netherlands, 1991
Thesis: Mother Nature is a slut


The collection is an ode to the pure animal. Human in its honest form. I want to peel off the cultural layers and see what lies underneath it, the animal in man, and to let our repressed instincts rule. My work is a combination of opposites. In material and form, female and male, culture and the animalistic. 

The biker suits are symbolic for the dominant, the alpha. Broad shoulders, curved arms but melted together with the fragile French corset that had tamed women for centuries into shaped bodies that are unnatural. Compressed toes are released, lips become moist. 

Every cultural shape that we know is bent, like a broken cage. The atmosphere in the collection is heavy and dominant. The models are on top of the food chain. They are hungry, intimidating and aggressive sexual animals. Moaning in orgasm, no boundaries, but because of this very honest and pure.