Neeltje van der Vlugt


1996 @basicyear

Thesis: OK, most of this site is more or less about what is wrong with me and how I'm going to fix it, nothing about who I am or what I do - or - Taking a walk on the internet

'The installation Street of Lingering Sighs borrows its appearance from the world of set designs and scenography to propose that there is a play.
If that play existed it would perhaps be titled “The Street”, but here it unfolds only in part and as a suggestion of real life. Elements from encountered façades form the backdrop of a narrative to be imagined. Carefully recrafted by hand, they are moved from their function in the real world to evoke a longing for understanding what lies behind. Through the openings in the wall, we catch glimpses of a fragmented story, as though it were all just a dream.