What is the role of publishing within practice-based research? In research publications, more often than not media production—be it audiovisual or any other form of artistic practice that isn’t writing—is still seen as somehow inferior; mere support material.

Expanded publishing, or expanded outputs as we define it, is the research lens that tries to solve this question by going beyond both traditional and artistic publishing practices.
With THE VOID (a new research project set up by INC), over the past year, there has been tons of research and experimentation with audio-visual production and distribution. To do so, THE VOID team decided to approach the topic by starting the production of their own content, in collaboration with artists. Now, after the first year of experimentation, we are trying to collect different ideas and questions that arose during this time of research. To properly set up a research agenda, we believe it’s crucial to engage in conversations with other artists, researchers, and experts from within the field.

In setting up this event, THE VOID aims to gather and discuss the role of expanded publishing and its possible trajectories. The program will consist of two parts. First, we begin with the presentation of the multimedia research done by the artist collective timeis.capital, which is creating a repository for self-organized initiatives in the art world through different multimedia means such as video, audio and 3D footage. This presentation will be the starting point for a broader discussion on the role of publishing and archiving for practice-based research. How can publishing be expanded to non-text-based output as well? What does it mean open source publishing audiovisual projects? How can artistic researchers share transparent workflows without diminishing their labor? How we can make the language of practice-based research more understandable? How do we make a wide variety of conversations happen in audio-visual language? We would like to discuss these and many other topics together with a group of experts from various fields such as art research, education, publishing, archiving, and (new) media industries.

February 7 @ FL101
More: https://networkcultures.org/events/blurring-the-format/

Program: Presentation + Exhibition: Timeis.capital

Moderation: Patricia De Vries

Debate participants: Andy Dockett (Visual Methodologies Collective), Mariana Fernandez (Arias), Roman Tkachenko and Iskra Vukšić (timeis.capital), Pien Visser (DocLab), Tommaso Campagna and Jordi Viader Guerrero (THE VOID), Malin Dittmann (Archive Sites). More participants will be announced shortly.

Register for the event: send an e-mail to tommaso@networkcultures.org

Project Partners: Institute of Network Cultures, THE VOID, TIMEIS.CAPITAL, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Centre of Expertise for Creative Innovation