Kristina Schädler


Danish, 1998 @kristina.schdler

Thesis: Brød som i brødtekst (bread as in breadtext)

My research is based on a personal fascination and compulsion to move toward lightning. Situated somewhere between the fear of lightning, and a curiosity-based desire to find out what it feels like. This project features a collection of short stories that map a history of encounters with lightning, while simultaneously telling the story of a person who has decided to get hit by lightning. The texts are semi-fictional, they exist not as truth but as an expression of an environment, a specific time and place, as it exists years after it stopped being. Next to the stories are a collection of woven textiles. Textiles as a visual manifestation of a ‘second’ text. A woven study of lightning and electricity, if we define them as a character. A being or thing that has its own stature and state, impulsive and independent. A thing, or being, that we can change and control.

Projects by: Kristina Schadler