Front page, week 46 2020

Nanna Due


Danish, 1997 and @nannnadue

Thesis: The Number Oracle

Welcome to Spá Nails! A nail salon where predictions about the future reflect the beliefs of today, shaping our individual and collective identities. From ancient practices like hand readings to poorly generated AI hands, spiritual and religious as well as technological methods of prediction rely on interpreting patterns and shapes. The accuracy of these interpretations depends on the quality of data and the interpreter’s ability to make sense of the patterns they see. As new scientific advancements emerge, our methods of prediction evolve, often leading us to discard and even ridicule previous approaches as mere superstitions. What is considered scientific today may be deemed obsolete tomorrow. At Spá Nails, we invite you to explore the interplay between prediction, belief, and personal identity while uncovering the potential futures that lie beyond your fingertips.

Projects by: Nanna Kristensen