Englishes MOOC | Pilot Cycle

Englishes MOOC is a digital art project that takes the form of a Massive Open Online Course or MOOC. Its subject is the variety of Englishes used as a medium of expression, mediation and education in art practices around the globe. Its aim is to emancipate art makers, art audiences, and an as wide as possible public, from having to measure their use of English along native-like standards in the international realm. English as an artistic medium can be shaped and reinvented according to the needs of its users, to develop a richer, more creative, and more inclusive international language. The Englishes MOOC wants to raise historical and theoretical awareness of English usage and to help develop practical skills towards making new varieties emerge.

Subject areas include phonetics and intonation; history of English in relation to link-, creole- and pidgin languages; history of constructed languages; professional languages and jargons.

Englishes MOOC is a project by Nicoline van Harskamp.

  • Course start date | March 12th, 2019
  • Duration | Five modules over six weeks
  • Course leader | Nicoline van Harskamp

The course is free and open to everyone. To register for the pilot complete the sign up form at https://englishes-mooc.org 

For questions about the course email englishes.mooc@gmail.com