Caro de Valk



Thesis: 'Constant, Two-ism'

The installation ‘Itinerant of scores’ is a slowly unfolding journey of a family. Each element composing a story related to a presence between sound and silence. From a point before the point of arrival to a continuity, eventually dissolving in the in-between. But stored as a melody in our head that can restore existing ways of remembering, a resonant.
The central work in the installation ‘Itinerant of scores' is a material composition made through coding as a carrier of magnetic fields to create sound compositions. In the weave the tension is uninterruptedly present by the copper threads and the vibrations of the sound waves. Inspired by the concept of cybernetics - which refers to the study of network and control in living and non-living systems - the use of copper is symbolic of the transmission of data and the flow of information. The weave represents some sort of hidden bodily system, a skeleton of an object that is constantly ‘on’.
Projects by: Carolien de de Valk