Azul Ehrenberg
Thesis: A Generation D Generation; on transmission in craft & tradition



Inheritance presents an intimate portrait of the memories specific landscapes can leave behind. Sometimes they are hard to define but often they are quiet concrete; the rivers, the stones, the hills or the variety of greens. Memories can turn into images and change, or even disappear. They’re to be found again in objects, places one encounters, in sounds and smells, or people who pass. Some of them remain engraved, like marks on one’s skin. They accompany us; they grow along with us, not static, but as a living link between what we were and what we have become. And not least, what we pass on personally and culturally. 


Azul Ehrenberg printed her visible and invisible inheritance on paper she made herself by using agave plants, wild tulle and papyrus recollected in the Mexican village where she partly grew up in and spend her summers as a child. The place inspired her to make the short film Herencia, in which she remembers the land of her father.

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