Didda Flygenring


Thesis: Escaping the Meat


At the Heart of the Dear

Home was the familiar, the cozy, the dear. It was the centre of her identity and had the important role of representing her taste and values. But over time, it became a burden. A precious museum to upkeep, curate and protect. Who was she in the absence of her belongings?
At the Heart of the Dear is an illustrated book focusing on the topic of home and belongings relating to personal identity. The story follows a deer whose obsessive curation of their home messes with their sense of self. The topic developed from previous projects relating to identity, namely “The Pixels I Occupy”, a comic about identity on the internet, and “Escaping the Meat”, thesis about the body’s role on the non-material internet. The book aims to question our relationship with our belongings and perhaps give a different meaning to the idea of “home”.
Projecten van: Sigriour Flygenring