Brought in by an ill wind, a stranger from another world falls to earth into the body of a young man. A glitch in this interchange hampers the alien consciousness to fully integrate in the new found carcass. We follow this being for a day in their muffled wander through earth.

Film by: Jun Ortega

Starring: Nik Bue

Camera: Maria Ortega

Sound: Shadi Farid

Visuals: Gir

Score: La NiƱa Azul

Broadcasted at AT5 Saturday 26 March and Sunday 27 March 2022 at 22.40hrs.

Jun Ortega is part of Rietveld Review(ed) 2021. They are one of the nine graduates who was chosen by an independent, external committee during the Graduation Show 2021. This committee was asked to reflect on the Graduation Show as a whole and to signal current tendencies and themes within the exhibition. They selected a number of projects by graduating students that supported these observations. These graduates have been given the opportunity to show new work to a new audience in the academic year of 2021/2022.