Split, part, divide, peel back. Is different. Does surface. We’re like shells with bendy legs, but skin would call a poor eye simple. Schil is a made-for-television special that wonders where a body is and how we touch both real and imaginary things. Technology is dangerous, and fun to play with.

Your self is permeable. We want to exist now and we want it bad. We'll accumulate like hell and gush psychosomatic about it. I haunt you and you haunt me back. We possess ourselves and shuffle in and out of shells. Assemble, Re-assemble. Desire and disturbance co-habituate and attention is insatiable. Don't forget--systems only are at all because we start at generous. Fingers up, affect registered. Mobilize the anxious and proliferate, play.

All sonics and optics are crafted with love and abandon by Jessica Tucker. The soundtrack features the song "Shake Me," written and produced under her musical moniker: Fetter.