The designLAB  is the ideal place for bold dreamers, independent researchers and dedicated inventors. In our laboratory, ideas are transformed into tangible, three-dimensional pieces of work. These transformations result in original, critical concepts and conclusions that lead to intriguing encounters between truth and fiction. For designLAB, a design is an instrument for questioning, understanding and shaping the world around us. Our goal is to develop work with a distinctive signature.

The programme consists of a balanced mix of universal, current and timeless design themes combined with individual, private fascinations. Through the creative process, the programme focuses on design research: designing and creating things. There is room for both collective and individual research into the opportunities on offer within the eclectic profession of being a designer or creator.

The design profession is viewed as a form of applied creativity that can be deployed in a wide range of different areas. Both abstract dreams and concrete problems are explored and resolved, through cross-media interventions or working machines, for example.

'Design is not a profession but an attitude' Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

We question reality and create narratives. DesignLAB students are researchers, visionaries, fine artists, inventors, entrepreneurs and creators.