At the beginning of Spring 2023, Lab2 students organised an exhibition in Werkpaard, an old workhorse-stable turned art space in Amsterdam East. Working together on all parts of exhibition making, from curating to transport and running a bar, is the second part of a class by Iskra Vukšić. It is the final stage of a 7 months in which the students research topics of their interest through different methods, develop a work and show it in a location outside of the academy. Work-meet-world. Look out for the invitation of this years group!

Traps 13
Participating students: Yorick Bakker, Loly Blaise, Anthea Dardier, Maas van Duijnhoven, Martin Imler, Alja Kregar, Eleri Lee, Dylan McBride, Inez Reintjes, Millie van Rijckevorsel, Jale Sezgin, Maja Wachowska