In the first semester of the graduation year, the students of designLAB participate in a given assignment. This assignment takes a different shape each year, from an exhibition to a collaboration with musicians or a site-specific research. In 2023, the students engaged with the waste water facilities of Amsterdam: the place where sewage water is purified through a number of basins where bacteria do their cleansing work. They temporarily renamed the site into "Sludge Sanctuary" and led the audience on a poetic tour along artworks that reacted to this specific site. 

Participants: Andrei Lumpan, Ignacy Radtke, Irene Ruigrok van der Werve, Layla Gijsen, Léna Serdjebi, Linda Ucelniece, Michał Dawid Sypień, Mingrui Jiang, Neeltje van der Vlugt, Pepijn de Kock, Rebekka Bank, Sangiorgio Dallajee Blonk, Shai Datauker, Tomas 
Foto's: Andrei Lumpan