First specialisation year

LAB1: 'experiment & invent'. In the first specialisation year, students familiarise themselves with the workshops, the field and the basic skills necessary in relation to concept development, realisation and presentation via various small and larger assignments.

Second specialisation year

LAB2: 'take a stand'. Besides concept and realisation, the second specialisation year will focus primarily on reflection and application: students will be confronted with more complex design assignments and learn to steer the design process independently. Students will also learn how to handle the economic, social, cultural or ecological implications of their designs. A three-month placement at the end of the second study year is a compulsory part of the study.

Third specialisation year

LAB3: 'hello world'. In the final examination year, students will work on a thesis and on two final projects: a set assignment and an autonomous assignment. The last of the above will be key to the final presentation, in which students present themselves to and position themselves in the professional world beyond the Academie.