Performance: Switch Code Switch - Carl-Johan Paulsen

Performance: Code Coven - Julia De Martino

Performance: Episode 6 (In places where my body is usually located) - Anouk Albrecht

Performance: Connection Machine: Square Body Square Eyes Square Dance - students of VAV - moving image

Performance: SymPHONIE - Britt Geerdink & Lisa Snoek 

Performance: Are they nice, or are they stupid? - Njaay Mame Saliou Assile & Erin Mc Clain 


With: Taka Taka, Angelina Loqui, Jennifer Hopelezz, Eric TheDragKing, Aryelle Freeman Hopelezz, Nagato and Shirleen Miyake Mugler, Papaya Kuir, Vinny von Vinci and Helena.

Photography by Kuanling Lin & Malthe Stigaard