For the fourth time Rietveld Uncut teamed up with Studium Generale. Closely connected to the theoretic framework of Studium Generale, thirteen departments created group projects and twenty-three projects of individual students have been developed, researching 'What Is Happening To Our Brain? Art & Life in Times of Cognitive Automation.'

More info:

Rietveld Uncut 2017 presented works by:

Fieke Ruitinga, Mathilde Renault, Selin Kuscu, Vincent Ludwig, Tarmslyng, Anna Aksionava, Niklas Büscher & August H. Ronne, Paul Girardeau, Antrianna Moutoula, Dieuwertje Hehewerth, Mila Bouma, Philip Ullman, Finn Godwin, Manon Bachelier, Rosita Kær & Alice Dhinaut, Beatrice Shilton, Masha Soetekouw, Chong Lii & Christian Kingo, Maria Kozlitina & Aleksi Marjamaa, Tim Neutel, Anton Halla & Helena Tan, Eliott Dechamboux & Kaspar Sellin, Martin Alonso & Rodrigo Vasquez, Alex Zakkas

Participating departments:

Inter-Architecture, designLAB, Fashion, Graphic Design, Jewellery, TXT (Textile), Ceramics, Fine Arts, The Large Glass, Beeld en Taal, Photography, VAV - moving image, DOGtime