Nomin Zezegmaa – The Shamanic Gaze 

THE SHAMANIC GAZE enacts, embodies and excavates resilience in historical, cultural and genealogical matter and non-matter, invoking an uncanny, intangible ambiguity by questioning the spectrum of objecthood and being—where applied and unapplied arts meet on equal grounds.  

In the work of Nomin Zezegmaa theory and practice deviate along an elusive spectrum of employing and exploring immaterial entities wherein fluid expression is found in an amorphous multiplicity of medium and material—making transmutation, ambiguity and shape-shifting inherent signifiers in the mythopoeic story-telling of her practice, operating as mediator, translator and connector between realms of an ancient past, geographical non-localities in an urgency to imagine, fiction and speculate other futures and world(beings). 


Nomin Zezegmaa (graduate of the Fine Arts department) is nominee of the GRA Award Autonomous Art 2020

Upcoming exhibitions:  

- ALL INN @ Het Hem, March 4-7 2021 

- Jong talent 2020 @ Artphy, January 16 - March 6 2021 (tbc) 


Photo: Nomin Zezegmaa, The Shamanic Gaze, The Enactment / Kairos 1.0 of Mongol Futurist Ways of Being, photo Gert Jan van Rooij