Each year the Gerrit Rietveld Academie invites external professionals to be part of our GRA Awards jury. The juries are asked to nominate remarkable and topical projects by graduating students in the categories of Thesis, Autonomous Arts and Applied Arts.

A full jury report with their findings and winners can be found here.

We are proud to announce that… 

..the jury members for the Thesis Award this year, Wineke van Muiswinkel and Roos van der Lint, nominated Clémence Hilaire (Fine Arts), Matilda Kenttä (TXT (Textile)) and Johannes Reisigl (VAV-moving image).  

... the jury members for the Autonomous Arts Award this year, Femke Herregraven and Charl Landvreugd, nominated Mayis Rukel  (VAV-moving image), Alexis Stephenson (Ceramics) and Nomin Zezegmaa (Fine Arts).  

... the jury members for the Applied Arts Award this year, Farida Sedoc and Duran Lantink, nominated Irene Ha (Fashion), Simon Marsiglia (designLAB) and Eric van Zuilen (DOGtime Unstable Media).  

Part of the prize for all nominees is a video portrait and a financial contribution. Winners will receive an award designed by Ben Zegers. 

Recently, a number of nominees, staff and jury members have raised the question of whether an award is still appropriate, given the prevailing climate generally and within the academy in particular. The Rietveld Academie intends to respond to this question by discussing and evaluating it with the community in the new academic year.  

Autonomous Arts

Mayis Rukel | VAV - moving image | WINNER

Alexis Stephenson | Ceramics

Nomin Zezegmaa | Fine Arts

Applied Arts

Irene Ha | Fashion
Simon Marsiglia | designLAB
Eric van Zuilen | DOGtime Unstable Media
The jury has selected three exceptional nominees from almost 70 students in this category. For the jury, it does not feel right to select one winner from these three very different students from three different departments of equal quality. The jury has therefore decided not to announce a single winner, so the three nominees will share the GRA Award this year.


Clémence Hilaire | Fine Arts | WINNER
Matilda Kenttä | TXT (Textile)
Johannes Reisigl | VAV - moving image


Autonomous Arts Nominees 2020

Mayis Rukel, The Pendant

VAV - moving image


Alexis Stephenson


Photo: Anna Lenartowska

Nomin Zezegmaa

Fine Arts

Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij

Applied Arts Nominees 2020

Irene Ha (Baby Reni), Jetlegged


Styling set: Morta Jonynaite, Jewellery: Simon Marsiglia, Print design: Oat

Photo: Nikola Lamburov

Simon Marsiglia, ICE World: Star Struck


Photo: Anna Lenartowska

Eric van Zuilen, The definition of Algorithm

DOGtime Unstable Media

Photo: Anna Lenartowska

Thesis Nominees 2020

Thesis Clémence Hilaire, 'Big chop - Hair-raising stories on Colonial Ghosts and Floating Identities'

Fine Arts

Photo: Anne-Laure Ruffin

Thesis Matilda Kenttä, 'A Mouth Has More Flesh Than a Butterfly Can Carry'

TXT (Textile)

Photo: Franzi Mueller Schmidt

Thesis Johannes Reisigl, 'Something Utterly Common'

VAV-moving image

Cover image