somebody-somewhere is a reaction to fake news, alternative facts and big ego's. It is a website with actual online news in which the names of persons are replaced by "somebody" and the names of geographical locations are replaced by "somewhere"



The Definition of Algorithm

The Definition Of Algorithm is a series of books. Each book starts with the word Algorithm, the content is generated by 8 recursive iterations of replacing every noun with one of its definition from the Oxford dictionary. Each book has a unique text because a random selection is made when a noun has multiple definitions. It is the poetics of an algorithm trying to understand itself.

                         Video impression of The Definition Of Algorithm at the Graduation Show 2020. 

                         Videocredits: Kleoniki Stanich for Public Rietveld, © Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

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Personal Info

Lives and works in Almere, The Netherlands

Winner GRA Applied Arts Award 2020

Instagram: @ericvanzuilen