Sweden, 1993
Instagram: @smalaskuggan
Thesis: Phantasy Ice Online

Nominee GRA Applied Arts Award 2020

ICE World: Star Struck 

Not too long ago, in an icy desert far away, a top class team of experts were out on an expedition.  A hunt for something so sacred, that when they disappeared without a trace, everyone else involved either chose to keep silent or were made to do so. Recently, a scorched notebook belonging to one of the expeditioners has surfaced. It contains a few drawings, a document of some sort and the following lines.

From the sky descends a light.
Flesh turns ice in the hands of the night.
Wish upon the stars to be forgiven.
If you want to stay in the world of the living.

Who knows what they dug up out there or what they might have encountered on the way, but one thing is sure, they were not born under a lucky star.

If you are reading this you have been hand-picked for your expertise, and now it is up to you to unravel the mystery of the missing fortune seekers and fulfil their task of bringing home the bounty. But be aware, there is a rumour floating around that something or someone is out there guarding what you are looking for. Welcome to ICE World.

Special Thanks to:
Neeltje van der Vlugt 
Philip Ullman 
Aeoi & Anima 
Pim Sem Benjamin
Irene Ha