The Fine Arts department aims for students to become professional artists, ready to participate in the art world and qualified to undertake the best postgraduate and academic courses in the Netherlands and abroad. Students who enter the department will step into an ongoing dialogue about the possibilities of Fine Art as a creative practice and as a research discipline.

The trajectory of Fine Arts involves a shift from regarding 'things as they are' towards a recognition of the complex existence of materials, objects and ideas within changing contexts. Students will acquire the tools to think critically through making, and develop the skills to shape and materialise a creative process in ways that may shift the parameters of theory, practice and the public sphere.

Studio practice, one-to-one tutorials, group classes and theory classes form the basis of our approach to teaching. Throughout the programme, students are given an opportunity to participate in excursions, exhibitions and workshops with guest lecturers, where they can work on collaborative projects and group presentations. A curatorial component aids student in the critical decision-making process with regard to the display and circulation of works within a professional art environment