The Fine Arts department aims to train students to become professional visual artists, ready to participate in the art world and with the potential and qualifications to undertake top-class postgraduate and post-academic study in the Netherlands and abroad. Students who enter the department join an on going conversation about the possibilities of Fine Arts as a creative practice and a thinking discipline. They become part of an environment in which they are exposed to a wide range of media and artistic approaches existing side by side. Fine Arts provides a space where students are led to reflect on their own assumptions about art and about the world, in order to continuously reposition themselves artistically.

The Bachelor in Fine Arts programme involves a shift away from regarding things as they are, towards what they might be: a recognition of the complex existence of materials, objects and ideas within changing contexts. Students are encouraged to look actively at the world around them and to seriously engage with materials. The aim is to equip students with the tools they need to think solidly as well as critically: to shape and materialise a creative process in ways that change the parameters around theory, practice and the public sphere. This is a journey that students and teachers undergo together.