First specialisation year

In the first specialisation year, you will work independently. It is important to experiment a lot, and there will be no assignments. You will search for sources of inspiration and learn how to use the library. You will learn how to analyse your own work and draw conclusions in order to take the next step in your development. Working on your personal artist’s statement is also part of the first specialisation year. There will be many group discussions, but otherwise supervision will be on an individual basis. You will be expected to have a high degree of independence. You will receive training on making exhibitions.

Second specialisation year

In the second specialisation year, we will take a more critical look at your work and we'll expect the same from you. You will increasingly concentrate on the concepts and techniques you learnt in the first year. You will continue to work on your artist’s statement. How to keep proper records is also part of the curriculum.

Third specialisation year

In the third specialisation year, you will work towards the final examination. You will turn your artist’s statement into a thesis. This is a compulsory part of the final examination year. How do you present yourself, and how do you present yourself in relation to others? The department has an open attitude towards the outside world, resulting in regular participation in competitions, exhibitions and projects with external parties.