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During 30 April - 07 May Public & Projects edited the front-space.

The Rietveld Shop is part of MISS READ 2018: The Berlin Art Book Festival at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin this week, from Friday 4 May until Sunday 6 May.

The Rietveld Shop pops up during special events such as the Graduation Show, the Open Day and occasionally outside the academy walls. This is the first time the Rietveld Shop travels abroad. The Shop presents and sells publications from individual students and alumni from different departments, including collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects initiated by students. The Shop will also bring a selection of zines, glossies, theses and books. Mostly small editions, occasionally handmade, in all kind of formats and printed on a great variety of paper types. From super cheap to excessively expensive, but always very exclusive. The students and alumni receive 100% of the revenue.

Publications which will be present are a.o. from fanfare, Lilia Luganskaia, Noon Passama, Bart De Baets, Elfi Seidel, Fieke Ruitinga, Gleb Maiboroda, Giorgos Tsiongas, Krisztina Czika, Lucile Heafflinger, Nina van Hartskamp, Sae Honda, the Graphic Design department, DOGtime, ART and RESEARCH, Studium Generale, SNOISIV and the first issue of SAUCE magazine.

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