The Preparatory Course is an extensive preparatory programme preceding the Bachelor's degree programme of Fine Arts and Design. 

Is this Preparatory course for me?

You are no older tha 25, have obtained at least a HAVO or MBO-4 diploma, and you want to expand your portfolio. You are curious, inventive, have a pro-active attitude and are interested in making things in a different way than yo are used to. You are possibly intereested in the Basicyear, the first year of the Bachelor of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and/or another academy and want to gain more experience first.

What does the programme entail?

The course lasts for 25 weeks, from late September to mid-April, with three half-day classes each week. Participants have a weekly Design class, an Art Class and, in the first and second semster, a project that includes: visiting exhibitions and making assignments. You will also learn to independently reflect on your work, for instance by talking about how you have made the assignments and what you discovered

How much time do I spend on it?

The course runs for 25 weeks, from late September to mid-April, with three half-days of classes each week. Good to know! In addition to classes at the academy, extra time is needed for working on assignments at home. It is not recommended to take other studies in addition to the progamme of the Preparatory Course as the programme is quite intensive.

What are my options if I complete the Preparatory Course?

When there is sufficient confidence in the developments throughout the Preparatory Course, a positive final assessment may contribute to the admission to the Basicyear, the first year of the Bachelor.

The built-up portfolio can also be used to apply to other art academies. 

All participants receive a certificate.

What is the language of communication during classes?

Classes are in English, as about half of the participants come from outside of the Netherlands.

How do I register?

Fill out the application form here.

Admission rounds are scheduled in May and June, with a final round in September.

How does the admission interview work?

The Preparatory course is preceded by a selection. Once you submitted the application form, you receive home assignments.

Based on a portfolio of previous work and the completed home assignments, a number of teachers review the work. Besides de completed home assignments, the work shown can include sketches, doodles, photos, videos, spatial work. The more, the better. 

Show us everything that provides insight into what you think about participating in the Preparatory Course.

When exactly does the Preparatory course start?

The Preparatory course 2023/24 starts with an introductory afternoon end of September, where participants receive practical information and meet teachers and future classmates. The first class is a week later.

What is an example of a Preparatory Course assignment?

1. Make a bag that can be dangerous for a certain object or subject, e.g. for a person, for oneself, for other bags, for...?

2. Make a sound recording for a space unknown to you. By recording, creating and editing different sounds, on the street, at home, the space begins to take shape. Then make a drawing of that space made by sounds.

What is the course fee?

The 2023-2024 course fee is € 2,297. The course fees for 2024-2025 have not yet been set.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment of the course fee must be made in one payment (before the start of the course). It is not possible to pay in instalments.

Participation in the Preparatory course does not entitle you to Dutch study finance.