Unstable Media is a dynamic and experimental advanced DOGtime course. The Unstable Media curriculum focuses on practical and theoretical research into new contexts within the artistic practice. If you choose to study Unstable Media, you choose also to forget about the distinction between the so-called ‘applied’ and ‘autonomous’ art. Research, both in practice and theory forming on the interface between these disciplines is also an important part of the Unstable Media course.

During this Bachelor programme you will experience new artistic methods of approach that are developed by ways we dealt with and deal with media. These methods require a new distribution, retrieval, presentation, impact and presence. You will learn to work with different interpretations of practical, theoretical and technical realities and will establish a fruitful balance between theory and practice, the stable and unstable, subject and context. The work of Unstable Media students varies from (generative) software-art, web-art to interactive installations and (analogue) mediations between medium and data. 

As an Unstable Media student you are encouraged to look for new forms of performance and (activist) interventions in public space (both online and in physical public space). Through the possibility to follow joined Expanded Painting and Unstable Media classes, cooperation and exchange of each other’s potential is encouraged.  

Unstable Media students will have their joined class and studio/workspace located on the 7th floor of the Benthem Crouwel building with extended opening hours and a penthouse kitchen. The students have access to all workshops of the Rietveld Academie and can follow the Studium Generale programme.

DOGtime organizes, every year in March, a mandatory excursion for the graduation students. It is an intensive week with meetings and visits, gaining new insights and experiences which helps to position themselves. 

For more information about the DOGtime programme see our website: dogtime.org