DOGtime is the part-time bachelor’s degree programme of the Rietveld Academie. Our curriculum is challenging, critical and progressive. It provides a solid foundation for beginners and more in-depth tuition for more advanced students. 

DOGtime offers a five-year programme with two propaedeutic years, followed by three in-depth years when students can specialise by following the courses in Expanded Painting (EP) or Unstable Media (UM). Lessons take place in the evening from 18.45 until 21.30 hrs. 

The DOGtime propaedeutic years offer a multitude of disciplines related to Unstable Media and Expanded Painting. By giving well-articulated assignments and progressive feedback, we sharpen your interests, technique, research abilities and choice of medium. At the intersection of stable and unstable media, exciting forms of inter(e)action can be expected. After receiving a positive final assessment, you can continue your studies with one of the DOGtime specialisations or in one of the full-time departments.  

The DOGtime Expanded Painting (EP) programme is based on the rich tradition of painting and the history of depicting. You will explore the boundaries of painting by crossing the physical dimensions of the classical stretched canvas and using materials other than paint, such as sound, video, performances and ecological strategies. 

DOGtime Unstable Media (UM) encourages you to generate projects for the online environment and/or in physical (public) space. The work of UM students varies from (generative) software art and web art to interactive installations, performances, digital and analogue mediations, and projects in which art, technology and science interact.

A distinction between Expanded Painting and Unstable Media can be made through their respective theoretical input and media references: art theory versus media theory, stable versus unstable. However, overlap is not out of the question. The combined classes of Expanded Painting and Unstable Media encourage the mutual exchange of knowledge and potential.