DOGtime is the 5 years Bachelor of Art and Design evening study of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. It was launched in 2003. 

DOGtime offers a two-year foundation programme, and two specialized departments: Fine Arts (FA) and Interactive Design Unstable Media (IDUM), both lasting 3 years. Our programme is intensive, relative, educational, varied, challenging, caring and also exclusive.

Doing DOGtime is about art, theory, media and mediation, and meets the need for a combined Fine Arts & Design education that is substantive, broad and vertical, reflective, demonstrable successful, contemporary and based on personal autonomy.

I must stress the importance of the fact that lifelong learning also involves general education, societal ambition and inner need elements – not just a professional one. I want to highlight that our students former study and professional backgrounds and careers are not seen as a disadvantage, but instead, respected and appreciated. We stimulate to syncretize with different worlds and thoughts.

It is precisely because of the lecturers’ different backgrounds, practices, out/in looks on art, working/teaching methods, approaches and basic assumptions that students are offered a rich and broad view, within which they have to make their own decisions and choices to develop freely to a maximum extent, to become confident and ready for graduation.

Manel Esparbé i Gasca

Head of DOGtime bachelor programme