DOGtime offers a five-year programme with two propaedeutic years, followed by three in-depth years when students can specialise by following the courses in Expanded Painting (EP) or Unstable Media (UM). A distinction between Expanded Painting and Unstable Media can be made through their respective theoretical input and media references: art theory versus media theory, stable versus unstable. However, overlap is not out of the question. The combined classes of Expanded Painting and Unstable Media encourage the mutual exchange of knowledge and potential.

Students DOGtime Expanded Painting

1st year DOGtime Expanded Painting

  • Caroline Bijnen
  • Rick Kops
  • Aten Molly
  • Pauline Oosterhoff
  • Saskia den Hartigh
  • Roos van Unen
  • Saskia van der Kam

2nd year DOGtime Expanded Painting

  • Britt Geerdink
  • Sharif Sahir
  • Thomas Schoenmaker
  • Lisa Snoek
  • Bo Zhang
  • Mieke de Roo

DOGtime Expanded Painting graduates 2024

Students DOGtime Unstable Media

1st year DOGtime Unstable Media

  • Veronika Kiss
  • Olga Nagtegaal
  • Maartje Sanders
  • Darta Sarma
  • Weixin Zha

2nd year DOGtime Unstable Media

  • Dang-Vu Dang
  • Rosa Groenewegen
  • Kalliopi Ioumpa Ou Iuba
  • Mauricio van der Maesen De Sombreff

DOGtime Unstable Medi graduates